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Anything Is Possible!

GlicksGiving was surprised recently with an update from one of our families. We are pleased to share this letter of hope and continue to keep our military families in our prayers and thank them for their service.

"Good afternoon, so sorry to trouble you. I received your information from a really sweet woman I met on the bus. My children and I are experiencing economic hardship right now and the lady I met said that you may be able to assist us. I'm praying that you can. I am a young, single mother who just ended an abusive relationship and left town with my kids. Me and my children are starting over and we literally have nothing. I'm trying to get a studio apartment but unfortunately need $500 dollars. Anything you can do to help would be appreciated."

Glicksgiving was more than ready to help this young woman and her children by providing financial assistance. We remain in contact with this very brave woman and her children and over the years have helped keep this family together and provide support.

We are so proud of this brave woman and her children  and happy to share this update:

"My daughter did it! I'm so proud of her. Thanks for making her graduation and prom possible. She ships out for basic training in 14 days. Blessings to you for helping her accomplish this major milestone in her life. All because a sweet woman on the bus gave me your number! God is good."