How Do We Connect With Families
Our families are the reason we work so hard at GlicksGiving. When we started, we met our recipients through contacts at the Chicago Public Schools, the Red Cross and our local military support groups. 

While these are still strong referral resources, today and to our surprise and delight, the GlicksGiving name is being passed around throughout Chicago's homeless shelters, abused women centers and food pantries as well. 

Click each email/text below to listen to actual letters written to us by those that received our name through word of mouth reference (you must select 'Open' from the prompt to listen):

Building Positive Relationships
Over the years, we have established some longer standing relationships with a handful of families whereby we support on-going living expenses such as rent payments, utility costs, medical and education fees, etc.  While we continue to increase our support for those families, we also continue to pursue new kids and families.  

Don't just take our word, listen to one of our families as they share the impact to their lives:

Thank You GlicksGiving!

We See It All
GlicksGiving has seen a LOT. Sadly, three of "our" children recently suffered another tragic loss. We have been helping this father and these children (ranging in ages from eight to twelve). Their dad recently retrieved his children from South Carolina where they were living with their mother.  We also helped the mother and "our" children move  from Chicago’s inner city to South Carolina a couple years ago where the mother had a stronger support network to help with raising the children.  The mother passed away earlier this year from cancer and the father brought them back to Chicago to care for them.  Since their return, we were helping the father cover general expenses for the children (most notably clothing and food) and getting him access to services for his children (including counseling).  Earlier this summer, the father was a victim of Chicago’s well documented violence.  In June, the father was found murdered, sitting in the front seat of his car shot in both the head and chest.  Today, these children are with their grandmother and we are continuing our support of this family.

Read the newspaper article.

"I'm not sure if you remember me. My granddaughter was a student at Green Elementary School  and four years ago you donated funds for her graduation and her graduation trip to Washington. We are forever grateful. You will be happy to know she will be graduating Saturday from Morgan Park High School. Thanks again."

- Grandma N.


We help children and their families get past some of their most
challenging "everyday" struggles!

"Thanks so much for the check. It helped a lot. My mother has cancer and she was short on her chemo treatments but now I'm able to help because you are a blessing."

- Chante

one child, one smile, one day at a time!


"It's  hard to find the words to express
how grateful we are to you and your organization for all your help at this time as well as the times in the past years. Somehow thank you doesn't seem enough to say. But anyway, thank you very much and keep up the good works because they are greatly appreciated."

- Regina J.